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Starting a Business

For more information on how to start, manage or expand a small business within a specific industry, click here. 

McLean County Demographics

When deciding on the location for a business, it is important to understand the market the business will be servicing. Business owners can use demographics to determine their clientele. 

Hiring and Managing Employees

As a business starts to grow and clientele increases, the need for additional labor may occur. From the job interview to compensation, hiring and managing employees is a multi step process. 

Human Resource Managment

The Society for Human Resource Management provides information regarding HR policies, business solutions and many other topics within human resources. 

Financing Your Business

Financial resources available to small businesses can vary, ranging from personal resources to outside funding. There are a variety of financing options available. 

Payment Processing Systems

The types of payments a business will accept can impact sales and profit. It is important to select a system that serve customers well, and reduce internal costs. 

Marketing Tools

Marketing is the key to the success of a business. It is the way a business advertises to its consumers and customers, ultimately creating strong revenue. 

Closing a Business

When closing a business in Illinois, the owner must first contact the Illinois Department of Revenue to discuss their tax liabilities. Business closings are processed through the IRS. 

Managing a Business

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