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Starting a Business

Common Methods for Financing

Bank Loans

Credit Cards

Personal Savings Accounts


SBA Loans




Crowdfunding is new way to finance a business online. This can occur on a donation basis or an investment basis. Explore the possibilities of financing through crowdfuning.

SBA Financing Options for Small Business

The Small Business Administration, or SBA, is a resource to small businesses across the country, providing information about small business development as well as funding programs. Learn more about financing options, courtesy of the SBA. 

West Bloomington Microloan

The WBRP Microloan is a financing option for businesses located within the Westside of Bloomington. This lending option is specifically designed for operations who may not qualify for, or require, larger loans from traditional lending institutions. The low interest loan provides funds ranging from $500 to $2,000 with a 12 month duration.

Personal Financial Statement

To obtain a bank loan, an owner must complete a personal financial statement. Get a copy of The Unites States Small Business Administration Personal Financial Statement by clicking the appropriate tab.  


It is important to note that some banks may require a statement specific to their bank. Business owners should contact the lender they intend to receive financing from to acquire the correct paperwork. 

Analyzing Your Business Finances 

Understanding the way money moves or will move through a business will help an owner operate as efficiently as possible. Use the templates and worksheets below to determine startup costs, potential profits margins and more. 

Break-Even Analysis Worksheet​

Cash Flow Statement Template

Financial Projections Template

Financing Your Business

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