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Art and Music

Art Distributor

Art distributors fuel the flow of art within a community. They are responsible for purchasing and selling pieces of work while maintaining the high professional standard of the industry. Select Click Here to learn more.

Art Lessons and Schools

Those artists interested in teaching while operating as their own employer may consider running private lessons or opening an art school. Select Click Here to learn more.

Music Lessons and Schools

For musicians interested in teaching outside of

pre-established institutions, running private lessons or opening a music school may be a viable option. Select Click Here to learn more.

Additional Information by Business Stage

Starting a 

For many, owning their own business is a dream, but many do not know where to start. For 

information on how to start a business, select the

button below. 

Managing a 

Once a business has been established, new challenges emerge. For information on how to manage a business, select the button below. 

Expanding a 

As a business prospers, it may begin to outgrow its current setup. For information on how to expand a business, select the button below.

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