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McLean County

Business Portal

The McLean County Business Portal is a free resource available to anyone interested in starting, managing or expanding their business within McLean County. This portal is made possible by the Illinois Small Business Development Center of McLean County at Illinois Wesleyan University and their community partners. 

Business Stages

Starting a 

If owning your own business is a dream, but you do not know exactly where to start, check out the resources below.

Managing a 

Once a business has been established, new challenges may emerge and new questions may form. Information can be found below. 

Expanding a 

As a business prospers, it may begin to outgrow its current setup. Information on how to expand a business can be found below.

Industry Selection

Art and Music
Construction and


Grants and Incentives

There are a variety of local entities eager to help fund the development of small business and business start ups. Find these below.

Events and Seminars

Business owners are encouraged to partake in educational opportunities to broaden their network, expand their knowledge and operate more efficiently. Find upcoming dates below.

McLean County

The SBDC provides no cost tools and guidance to new and existing businesses in McLean County. Check out what the SBDC can provide below.


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